PepPill®, a first-of-its-kind cloud platform in India, for pharmacies and consumers was launched on 1st July 2019 at Chennai, India. Mr. Palani Perumal, CEO, Deevita Technologies Pvt. Ltd., explained on what is PepPill for Consumers and Pharmacies.

Consumers can find medicines from their nearby pharmacies on the PepPill mobile app, from anywhere. Speaking at the launch funtion, Palani mentioned, “Right now we have launched PepPill in many cities across Tamil Nadu. PepPill is a platform for retail pharmacies to engage with their customers directly. And, customers can find the pharmacies and transact with them on PepPill. Additionally, the customers can also learn about the drugs that they take and have a complete control over their health.” 

PepPill is not just about buying medicines, the consumers can get pill reminders and drug refill reminders. Palani highlighted on how PepPill helps pharmacists to provide value to their customers and improve the overall customer engagement. Also, the pharmacies can choose to provide home delivery option or just stick onto the store pickup option, where the customers would visit the store to get the medicines. 

PepPill Store® is the exclusive product for pharmacists. Explaining about PepPill Store, Palani said, “Our goal is to empower the pharmacies with state-of-the-art technologies to help them compete in the industry. Retail pharmacies may not find it cost effective to invest in expensive technologies. This is where we, PepPill as a platform, help pharmacies to compete with the larger players.”

PepPill Store is built for pharmacists, completely upon the feedback from pharmacists, and understanding the everyday challenges of pharmacists. Palani mentioned, “The product has been fine-tuned over the last 12 months and tested over the last 9 months by over 30 pharmacists across Tamil Nadu. We are confident that PepPill Store is ready for a broader adoption.” 

Palani further highlighted, “Do I need to keep a record of certain invoice bills? Do I need to store patient details? These kinds of questions keep hindering pharmacists and PepPill Store enables them to stay in compliance without worrying on these questions.” 

Pharmacists can boost their store visibility and grow their business through PepPill. Customers can go cashless and pay their pharmacists online for their drug orders. The services rendered by PepPill Store makes it easy for pharmacists to run their business, where they can focus on the core business of selling the drugs. 

This product comes with lot of built-in features, which are not seen in other standard billing systems. Some of those features include Schedule reporting, GST reporting, GST filing, Knowledgebase for different drugs. The drug database of PepPill Store helps pharmacists to know which drug belongs to which drug schedule. Palani mentioned, “The GST reports are integrated into PepPill Store, so the pharmacists can simply generate the GST reports and give them to their auditor, or they can file their GST returns with PepPill at a nominal fee. We guarantee that the GST returns get filed accurately and on-time, so that you can focus on your business.”

PepPill Consumer App

PepPill Consumer App

PepPill Store App

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